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The horizon is not what it once was. Its line has been altered, the hills regraded, and the industrial superstructure installed. When I walk downtown it’s hard to imagine what the land was like before. Walls of polished marble, steel, and glass occupy my surroundings. From skyscraper to underpass I walk. As I do so I make photographs, and with those I make collages. I am placing a digital surface in contact with a geologic one.

Recently I visited the Canadian Rockies. This place has undergone change too. Over 80 million years a primordial seabed was lifted towards the sky, revealing craggy fortresses. Wind eroded cliff sides. Frozen rivers dissolved mountains, forming deep valleys.

Our cities have artificial canyons and motorized rivers. They expand and contract daily. As I make my images I think of the yawn of steel girders as they bear the weight of a million years’ worth of snow and ice.